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Traditional Dutch Kitchen
Haarlem, NH

permanently closed

'Our mission is to make the meatball as our most nostalgic and iconic center piece again! With pure meat, no artificial flavors and lots of love'

Balletje is the only authentic Dutch restaurant in Haarlem. The Dutch don't take as much pride in their kitchen as the Spanish or Italians do. Balletje her mission is to make that so. With the meatball 'balletje' as our most nostalgic and iconic center piece. The ambiance takes you back to the 1600's, a glamourous and classical interior with subtle hints of Dutch arcitecture.


The meals are traditional prepared with a little twist. Cooked with all Dutch ingredients and spices. Served alongside some of our best beers and spirits. A place to show us and our visitors all our beauties and marbles. And all that for a Dutch price!


Born and raised in a small village in Holland. Kenneth grew up in a loving family. As a child he never liked pealing the potato's. His mother never liked to cook, but made the best meatballs!


Kenneth and his brother soon went into music and showbuisness. Kenneth graduated with a degree for sing&songwriting at an early age and started writing songs and preforming. Beside his art he always happily worked at restaurants & bars. 

Then came the decision to choose between music and entrepreneurship. He decided to leave music for a while and chase his other dream, starting a restaurant!


So at the end of 2018 he and his dad picked up their tools and starting turning a mexican place into a little classical Dutch palace.

He then met his girlfriend Lena and they have been running the Restaurant & the Bed and

Breakfast upstairs together and pealing potato's happily ever after.

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